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Upendo Village

Association with the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi



Upendo, the Kiswahili word for Love. We are building a village of love and hope for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS In Kenya.















Margaret Wairimu's Story

Margaret Wairimu is a single mother aged 39 years. Margaret has four children a boy and three daughters. The first born girl run away from home to unknown destination two years ago. The son has brain damage which he suffered after being severely beaten by a gang of street boys which he had joined. The third born girl is mentally challenged. The last born girl is the only one who looks "normal" and attends school. Margaret lives with her children in a very poor slum house. She has TB and looks very weak. She has been receiving treatment from the clinic that is taking care of our clients. Sister Martha is also looking for a placement for the son and special school for the mentally challenged gir






Margaret Wairimu with her children






Grace Maruka with her 6 year old son



Grace Maruka's Story

Grace is aged 40years. She is married and a mother of two, a boy and a girl. After her husband realized that the wife and the last child who is aged 6years were becoming very sickly he ran away from home and visits very seldomly. Grace and her son both have AIDS and efforts to get the husband tested have failed as he claims not to be sick. Grace's husband has abandoned the children under her care despite her being sick.
















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