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Upendo Village, NFP

Association with the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi



Upendo, the Kiswahili word for Love. We are building a village of love and hope for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS In Kenya.










Upendo Village, Founder's Profile

Sr. Florence Muia is a member of the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi, Kenya. She was born and raised in a rural village in Machakos District, Kenya. She holds a diploma in Social Work from Government Training Institute Maseno, B.A. in Social Sciences (Sociology & Anthropology) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) and a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University, Chicago.

Muia has served as an administrator in a special school for hearing impaired children and also in a girls' elementary boarding school for several years. Sister Muia was the first nun in Kenya to venture into Probation work. She worked as a Probation Officer for more than eight years before proceeding to the United States for further studies. She is the founder of Upendo Village, a Counseling Center and Shelter for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS in Naivasha, Kenya.




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