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Upendo Village, NFP






Association with the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi



Upendo, the Kiswahili word for Love. We are building a village of love and hope for women and their children living with HIV/AIDS In Kenya.

The Project

Upendo Village, NFP is a project designed to respond at the local level to the needs of women and their children living with HIV/AIDS. The project surrounds them with resources and support to improve their health, increase their lifespan and plan for the future. Upendo Village is not a hospice program where death is the final outcome. We are providing hope, love, services, and resources so that families can be strengthened and can plan for their future.


Shelter: Women and children must be HIV positive who come to Upendo Village. Residents will be provided with clean, comfortable housing with separate space for each family.

Basic Health Care: Will address recipeints' urgent medical needs that include onsite medical care by nursing staff, access to prescritpion drugs and advocating access to governmentalmedical systems.

Counseling: In the areas of Nutrition, Health Education, and Mental Health Services.

Job Skills: Women will be taught skills that will enable them to become self-sufficient. Residents will learn how to grow kitchen gardens and keeping chickens for food, nutrition and resale.




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