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Fig. 10: Receiving Dock at company X. Note the amount of inventory.


Fig. 11: Puma 10 Daewoo CNC lathe. Note the crate in the foreground containing unprocessed parts.


Fig. 12: Hitachi Seiko milling machine


Fig. 13: Portable rivet gun on the worker’s desk used for fixing metal brackets onto the milled part.


Fig. 14: Typhoon Proceco washer. The region in the background contains more inventory. (also see fig. 20)


Fig. 15: Painting booth. The spray gun is visible next to the cart on the right.


Fig. 16: Blue assembly cell with a worker at his station. Notice the fully assembled centrifuges to his extreme left. From here parts are shipped to the customer.


Fig. 17:  A different view of the blue cell. The metal shelf in the foreground is the Materials Review Board. On the top left side of the photo is the computer used to input information from the cell. Note the painted pieces of part A arranged in a stack.


Fig. 18: A lot of part A pieces after machining, milling and fixing of the bracket. Note the amount of inventory.


Fig. 19: A closer view of part A


Fig. 20: Inventory on the shop floor. Note the cart containing part A pieces.


Fig. 21: A view of part A after it has been machined but before it has been milled.