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2003 Picture of the Day - Week 7


043 - Future home of 111 S. Wacker Drive in preparation for ground breaking is a beehive of activity.
044 - Recently uprooted trees are loaded onto a truck leaving gaping holes where they previously stood.
045 - BWB fire up the valentine's evening crowd at the Chicago Theatre during the WNUA 95.5 smoothjazz concert.
046 - Linda undergoes a routine check to ensure she stays in excellent running condition.
040 - The stunning Chicago skyline breaks the monotony of a completely frozen Lake Michgan.
048 - 4-string Yamaha Bass, Bose Speakers and Kenwood stereo with a Quincy Jones CD case in view.
049 - A Fox news anchor on location a day after the tragedy at the Epitome club on South Michigan avenue.

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