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2003 Picture of the Day - Week 5


029 - Next to a large sign depicting the finished Hyatt Center, a construction worker guides a steel beam delivered by a crane into place .
030 - A warm glow from a lamp on Jackson set against the cold and barren snow covered landscape.
031 - Frozen blocks of ice float on the Chicago river by the Wrigley building, global headquarters of the world's largest manufacturer of chewing gum.
032 - Cars drive past a large sign announcing the Chinese New year in Chicago's chinatown.
033 - Boxes for sale at a Uhaul store on Chicago's North side..
034 - Headlines announce the sad demise of all the astrounauts aboard the ill fated Columbia shuttle..
035 - An evening ritual at one of the many McDonald's restaurants in Chicago - the delivery of the following day's supplies.

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