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TIER 1: My top 7 choices for Program Manager positions ranked in order of preference

1. Platform Integration Service Management Team

2. SQL Server Beta Program / SQL Server Internal Website

3. MSN Worldwide Programming Research and Metrics Team

4. Microsoft Personal Services and Devices Group

5. International Billing Team

6. Customer and Partner Loyalty Team

7. .NET Wallet Services Team

TIER 2 : PM position that seems to provide a strong fit based on my Mechanical Engineering background and specific expertise in manufacturing. My strongest preference though is in positions dealing with the internet.

Xbox cost reduction team

TIER 3: Additional positions I could consider in case none of the above provides a suitable fit. They have requirements I perceive to be beyond my current abilities but the actual reality may prove otherwise.

A. .NET Integration Server Team

B. Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers

C. Personal .NET Service

D. Windows CE for Automotive Group

E. Division driving the convergence of audio/video, entertainment, digital photos, smart home technologies, software and the Internet


G. eHome Platform


Last updated: 6th August 2001