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PROGRAM MANAGER [Job Code: N05rc-dv ]

Interested in helping Microsoft realize its dream of delivering rich innovative software services to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device? Join the team delivering the base framework of components and solutions for the premium paid membership experience code-named the Personal.Net Service. Our framework will provide the infrastructure for building applications and services that will empower people through innovative communications, creativity and content services across every aspect of their life. Our plan is to deliver a set of light-weight, independent, components that can be used by other Personal.Net service partners to enhance the user experience and increase the overall value and desirability of the services to end-user customers. In addition, we will target specific value-added customer scenarios and fully assemble solutions that may be delivered back to the service partners or directly as part of the family of Personal.Net services. To be successful, we must focus on the essential service experiences, primarily around communication and home productivity, and bring them to a new level not seen before on the Web. We will do this by building upon the aggregation of personal services on the Hailstorm backend and delivering a rich front end experience, as well as offline support, with replication on the PC and other Microsoft devices. Primary responsibilities include: working closely with internal development partners to identify components for and solutions around personal productivity and communications scenarios for the membership service; driving the creation of functional specifications and interface designs (some technical, some end-user); and driving implementation through development and testing, usability, localization and documentation as applicable. Previous program management experience and cross group relationship skills are a must along with demonstrated ability to conceive and deliver innovative products, to work in a team, to identify risks and to make tradeoffs. Strong technical skills are required along with expertise in any design discipline. The ideal candidate will have an excellent grasp of existing and emerging web technologies such as DHTML, XML, and .NET. A BS/MS degree in Computer Science or related technical field preferred.

Job Location: Redmond, Washington