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1. Application

Please send an e-mail to requesting a copy of the application to be e-mailed to you directly.

2. Academic Transcripts

2.1 Strathmore - Copy of Result Slip (scanned image)

2.2 MIT - Official Transcript (scanned image)

2.3 Depaul University - Web Printout of Historical Grades (scanned image)

3. Supporting Documents

3.1 Brooks School Selection Letter (scanned image)

3.2 Brooks Program Sponsor Acknowledgement Letter (scanned image)

3.3 Burchard Scholars Program Selection Letter (scanned image)

3.4. Letter of Update from AHS Principal (scanned image)

3.5 Tenfold Offer Letter (scanned image)

3.6 Mechanical Engineering Department Congratulatory Letter (scanned image)

3.7 Tenfold H1 Visa Approval Letter (scanned image)

3.8 Strathmore College MIT-AITI article

3.9 EKI Offer Letter (scanned image)

3.10 EKI People's Choice Award Letter (scanned image)

3.11 Depaul University Acceptance Letter (scanned image)

3.12 Permanent Residency Application Notification Letter (scanned image)

3.13 AHS 2000 KCSE Analysis (86KB MS Word document)

3.14 MIT CETI Report 1998 (Link to PDF document)

3.15 ahsIT Report 2002 (43KB MS Word document)

3.16 ahsIT Report 2003 (674KB MS Word document)