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New Arthur/Francis Complex


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The New Arthur/Francis Complex - Be a part of the final phase of new dormitory construction at AHS.
(Photos by Eric Mbaya AHS 1994)

Striding boldly into the 21st century, AHS is in the midst of a unique and historical transformation. Having set aggressive targets and marshalled the resources to surpass its goals, AHS now seeks to solidify its reputation around the world. A core part of the development strategy involves the enhancement of the student experience at AHS starting with the dormitories.
The New  Arthur/Francis Complex marks the third and final phase of the construction of new dormitory buildings. In line with the design of the New Livingstone Complex and the New Aggrey/Wilberforce Complex, the New Arthur/Francis Complex will feature amenities that trully enhance the student experience. In addition to being housed in a central location, the residents of the new dormitory will enjoy hot water, ironing rooms, 4-person cubicles with spacious individual lockers, and ultimately computer facilities. Suggestions are now being taken on the potential use of the dormitory space that will be vacated when the students move to the new complex.
You as a friend or alumnus of AHS can be a part of this historical transformation. Fulbert Namwamba (AHS 1980) has been charged with the goal of spearheading all the interested Young Alumni (you fall into that category if you graduated within the last 25 years) worldwide and the Alumni based outside of Kenya in playing their part to support the New Arthur/Francis Complex. A major funds drive is being held on July 5th 2003 for this cause. The event will be graced by Hon. Ochilo Ayacko (also an AHS alumnus) and is slated to bring together alumni and friends of AHS from all walks of life. We shall continue taking donations even after the Funds Drive has been held.
As we (bushfire, ahsIT, ahsfunds) gradually evolve into a highly professional outfit, our continued goal is to ensure that any funds you donate are: well managed; directed to the purpose you designate; and create an impact that is both quantifiable and enduring. Our emphasis when soliciting for funds is sustained giving from the maximum donors possible. For the New Arthur/Francis Complex, we approximate that a donation of about Ksh 1500 ($20, 15 STG Pound, 18 Euro, 25 Yen, 30 Australian $) from just 10 members of each graduating class from the last 25 years would make an enormous impact. We leave the quantity you wish to donate entirely to your discretion and urge you to spread word to your classmates. The greater the participation, however small the amount, the greater our impact. We would also like to remind you that there will be at least three other opportunities to donate to AHS in 2003.
We look forward to your participation. Together we can make a significant impact on the student experience at AHS.

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For more information on how you can make your donation, see our 'Getting Involved'  page.